Stay Informed

Stay informed about your accounts without even having to login to Online Banking. With Citizens National Bank Online Banking you can setup multiple types of alerts by email or text message so you can stay informed about your finances. Best of all, they are available for free*.

Text Message & Email Alerts

To take advantage of text message and email alerts you must be enrolled in CNB Online Banking.
If you are already registered for Online Banking, click here to view instructions on how to enable and create alerts.

  • Account balance falls below a dollar amount you establish
  • Account balance goes above a dollar amount you establish
  • A check with a check number you specify clears
  • Large withdrawal above a dollar amount you establish
  • Large deposit above a dollar amount you establish
  • Maturity date on CDs
  • Payment due on loans
  • Payment past due on loans
  • Periodic balance
  • Personal reminder
Note – Alerts are not in real-time; all alerts, except periodic balance and personal reminders, are sent three times per day at 8 AM, Noon and 4 PM CST.

How to Enable & Create Alerts:

  1. Login to CNB Online Banking
  2. Hover your mouse over “Additional Services”
  3. Click on “Mobile Banking & Alerts”
  4. Click the “Add an alert +” button
  5. Select an alert type by clicking on it
  6. • Only alert types that apply to your accounts will be in blue font
  7. The new alert will appear with default settings, which includes being set to be delivered to any email and phone numbers that have been set-up
  8. Edit the alert settings and any changes will be automatically saved

Note – Email alerts are not in real-time and should not be relied upon to prevent overdrafts

FinanceWorks Email Alerts

FinanceWorks also has email alerts available to set-up. This includes CNB accounts and any outside or non-CNB accounts that you have added to FinanceWorks. Click here to learn more about FinanceWorks.

  • Quick ‘n Easy Highlights email
  • Email if any checking account balance goes below a set dollar amount
  • Email for upcoming bills
  • Email if any credit card balance goes above a set dollar amount
  • Email if nearing budget goal amount
  • Email for expense transactions over a set dollar amount
  • Email for deposit transactions over a set dollar amount

Account Statements

Keep up with your accounts with account statements which are available as paper statements or e-statements. Opening and reviewing your statement each month, whether paper or electronic, is a great way to stay up-to-date on your Citizens National Bank accounts. Click here to learn more about e-Statements.

*Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier.